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Kentucky Ghost Hunters 2000

K.G.H. 2000 and Upcoming Events

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On this page we'll present a summary of past events and a calendar of upcoming activities. We might use a format similar to this.

Recent Events

K.G.H.2000 News

To all KGH2000 club fans:
                On 03/21/2006 I received the news around 0530 am my sister-in-law was transported to L.C.R.H. in Somerset, KY. in critical condition. She and her husband are members of K.G.H.2000. As of 03/24/2006, she is listed in critical condition and all her body organs are shutting down. We are in need of everyones prayers. Please feel free to e-mail us with your prayers to:
                               Herbert T. Warman Jr.
                         K.G.H. 2000 (Owner & Founder)

Upcoming Events

The first weak of April 2006, K.G.H 2000 will be hosting their first Ghost Hunt of the year. Our members are ready for the big scare. We would like to welcome Josh Elam (new club member) to K.G.H. 2000.  Josh Elam is 14 yrs old and is willing to be part of our first Ghost Hunt. Josh is also my dearest nephew who has always been part of my life. If any other ghost hunter within the McCreary-Whitley County area would like to join, please go to membership page and join or E-Mail us.    



                             H.T. Warman Jr. (K.G.H.2000)