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Kentucky Ghost Hunters 2000

In Memory Of

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In Memory
Deborah Sue Warman Dec. 23rd, 1975 to Mar. 29th, 2006

Deborah Sue Warman age 30
Passed away Wedneday, March 29th 2006  at U.K. Medical Center  Lexington, KY.
She is survived by her husband Brian Warman
mother & father Larry and Kathy Kidd
sister Dawn Kidd
two children Tyler and Chyenna Tucker
neice Kayli Kidd
grand Parants Tom & Donna Kidd
Debbie was also one of our founding members of
Kentucky Ghost Hunters 2000
who was always willing and ready to search out into the unknown.
Debbie,  we are going to miss you, there is no words can say the pain we all feel. May you enjoy your new life with our Heavenly Father Above.
Herbert T. Warman Jr.
K.G.H. 2000 (Pres.)